Printed PACKAGing for your products

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is carried out using embossed polymer printing plates (clichés) in which the printable areas are raised above the non-printable areas


Create customised bags by selecting the material, printing needs, size and type. We’ll do the rest!


Manufactured from single or multi-layer LDPE polyethylene, polypropylene (OPP, BOPP) and many other types used for food and non-food packaging.

About us

FLprint UAB has a history dating back to 1991.

Since the company’s inception, the focus has been on technology combined with product development. The products we produce reflect our ability to adapt to changes in the market and consumer needs. The company’s activities are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified staff. All of this results in high quality products.

The company has a strong intellectual potential to handle complex projects, is dynamic, introduces technological and business management innovations, continuously develops new products and improves customer service. Everyone in the company shares the common goal of producing and delivering high quality products to our customers. So, product quality has become an integral part of the company’s activities. Every employee is responsible for implementing the quality policy, and continuous training, audits, equipment maintenance, inspection and other procedures ensure that the products produced meet customer requirements.

The company exports most of its production (around 80%) to foreign markets. The main customers are companies in Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and other countries.

Our main areas of activity are:

– flexographic printing of packaging
– production of printing plates
– production of polyethylene film
– production of bags and packaging tapes
– sale of packaging materials
– packaging design

We can offer up to six colours and a 1500 mm wide flexographic printing service with a maximum pitch of 1280 mm. We have the ability to print on the obverse and reverse of different material surfaces, depending on the need.

Flexographic printing is available on the following materials:

– BOPP, CPP, OPP polypropylene tape (transparent, pearlescent or metallized). Thickness 25-120 µ
– LDPE, MDPE, HDPE polyethylene sleeve, semi-sleeve or tape (transparent or multi-coloured). Thickness up to 350 µ
– PET polyester tape (transparent or metallised)
– multilayer tape (transparent, metallized or white)
– AL/PAP, AL/PAP/PE laminate (for butter, fat)
– PE (PAP/PE) laminated paper
– LWC wrapping paper, bleached paper, 40-310 g/m²

We also provide rewinding and cutting services for tapes of various materials (PP, CPP, PE). All services can be carried out with the material you provide. Our experienced team, together with reliable suppliers, will guarantee high quality products.

Bags with printing

What we produce

Bags with printing

Plastic bags with side or bottom seam. Bags with bottom. Bags with flap, with adhesive tape. Bags for automatic packaging. Bags with cross-handle.

printed bags

Bags for bread, bakery

The purpose of plastic bakery bags is to preserve the freshness of various types of bread and confectionery.

Bags for peat

Bags for peat are made from single or multi-layer polyethylene (LDPE) film. Bags perforated with ventilation holes, suitable for wet and dry peat and black soil.

peat bags

Bags for wood pellets

These bags are also suitable for packaging straw pellets. The composition of wood pellet bags is balanced through various tests, proven by time and experience with our customers.

bags for wood pellets

Wrapping film with printing

Packaging film is widely used for packaging liquid and bulk products.

Manufactured from single or multi-layer LDPE polyethylene, polypropylene (OPP, BOPP) and many other types used for food and non-food packaging.

packaging tapes with printing

Promotional bags

One of our specialities is plastic promotional bags. We believe they provide an edge and additional expertise in all areas of business.

promotional bags

Bags with microperforation

Micro-perforated pouches made of CPP polypropylene are ideal for packaging products where freshness, hygiene and presentation are crucial. These include hot breads, rolls, pastries, salads and sandwiches.

bags with microperforation

Plastic bags for postal items

Our wide range of polythene mailers offers traders, e. commercial and mail order companies have an excellent opportunity to protect their products during shipment.

Paper bags

The paper bags are available in white and brown natural colours. Kraft paper has longer fibres than standard paper or illustration printing paper.

bags for wood pellets